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lizhen,Qi Zhiguo,Qin Wei,Chen Chi,Wu ke,Feng Tian Characterizing gully features and modeling gully volume from high resolution remote sensing stereoscopic satellite images in Mountainous and Hilly Region of Northeast China 2021-05-07
wentianfu,xionglihua,jiangcong,xuxinfa Multi-factors attribution analysis of annual sediment load using BMA based on time-varying moment model 2021-05-07
YU Wei-Dong,Feng Li-ping Comparison of the simulation effect of summer maize phenology derived from hourly and daily thermal units 2021-05-06
Wang Ce,Zhang Zhanyu,Cao Dejun,Chen yu,Qi Wei,Ma liang Modelling soil dynamic crack porosity based on a VG-PENG type shrinkage characteristic curve and shrinkage anisotropy 2021-04-30
Qin Xiaochen,Dai Zhijian,Chen Xingjuan,Li Bozhen,Zhan Mingjin Variety characteristics and cause analysis of potential evapotranspiration in Poyang Lake Basin from 1981 to 2019 2021-04-30
Fan Yanwei,Wang YanXiang,Zhu pengcheng,Yang zhiwei Infiltration characteristics and model of aeolian sandy soil for drip irrigation with emitter in vertical pipe 2021-04-30
Yan Yisong Effects of high salt and high oil content on the production of VFAs and enzyme activity by anaerobic fermentation of food waste 2021-04-26
luoyuqin,WEI Yanju,Lin Lin,LIN Fuming,Su Feng,SUN Weijiang Study on the Origin Discrimination of Fujian White Tea Based on Gas Chromatography-Ion Mobility Spectrometry 2021-04-25
zhangyue,guyue,wangyan,zhengyanxue,heyinfeng Study on stress resistance and antioxidant characteristics of lactic acid bacteria with high production of biofilm 2021-04-25
Wang Jiaojiao,Wang Qiaohua,Cao Rui,Xie Juanjuan Simulation analysis and experimental changes of egg respiration with different CO2 concentrations 2021-04-25
第一作者,HAN Xiao-er Spatial layout optimization of county basic farmland considering food security and cultivated land quality 2021-04-25
SONG Jianghui,SHI Xiaoyan,WANG Haijiang,LV Xin,CHEN Jianhua,LI Weidong Synergistic interpretation of soil salinity by electromagnetic induction under different landform types 2021-04-23
lihengkai,Wanglijuan,Xiaosongsong Random Forest Classification of Land Use in Hilly Mountain of Southern China Based on Multi - source Remote Sensing Data 2021-04-22
Li Shan Simulation and prediction of the desalination process of hydraulic fill 2021-04-22
heying,tangxiaoyu,peng liang,jujinhao Research on Multi-Objective Optimal Allocation Method and Plan Optimization of Water Resources in Fengshou Irrigation District of Awati County 2021-04-21
Han Qiao Ling,Bai Hao,Zhao Yan Dong,Xu Xiang Bo,Zhao Yue,Li Ji Hong Automatic Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis of Soil Preferential Flow Based on Dye Tracer Technology 2021-04-21
Liu Lu,Hou Peng,Liu Zeyuan,Wu Naiyang,Li Weishan,Wu Ruonan,Wang Haijun,Ma Yongjiu,Li Yunkai Selection of Emitters Suitable Products under Yellow River Drip Irrigation 2021-04-21
bi wei,dang xiaohu,ma hui,deng mingjiang,li peng,cao xiaoshu,shi peng An evaluation of arable land suitability and potential from the perspective of “the Food Embodied in Potential Cropland” in northwest China 2021-04-21
Bi Yinli,Jiang Bin,qinfangling,Wang Zhuoyou Effects of the combined of inoculation microbes on the growth of Amorpha fruticose L. and soil dynamic improvement of coal mining subsidence area 2021-04-21
Li Jianjun,Jiao Juying,Cao Xue,Bai Leichao,Chen Tongde,Yan Xiqin,Qi Hongkun Spatial regionalization and response to morphological parameters of dune movement in the Qaidam Basin 2021-04-21

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